iMessage on PC Windows, Is it Possible to Use on PC

I think already you heard about iMessage on PC. The people who are using iPhone, iPad, and Mac they know very well about the iMessage. This application is designed and developed by the Apple.Inc. Only available for iOS devices not for Android and PC versions. If you are interested to install and use iMessage for PC or iMessage for Windows then you came to the correct place to know the installing procedure.

Is It Possible to Use on PC

Yes, it is possible to download and use on your PC Windows versions. You may get a doubt no official version for PC & Windows computer how it is possible. We use alternative methods and third-party software to download iMessage for Windows & PC Laptop. In the present generation, every person is addicted to the technology. No person is using technology for their knowledge they using to get entertained.imessage on pc

Methods to get iMessage on PC & iMessage for Windows

Present after the research we came with the two simple methods, one is by using the chrome extension and another one is by using the emulator. This method will show you the complete installation and using process in a stepwise manner. This method supported for PC Windows 7/10/8/8.1/XP/Vista computers & Laptop.

# Method: 1 – Get iMessage on PC by Using Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

Before getting into the steps I want to tell you the one thing that is to use this method we need a Mac or iMac. Because we want to clone both the systems to get iMessage on PC.

  • First, think you need is Google Chrome, I hope already you have the Google Chrome browser on your PC computer. If not get it from official site
  • Now open Chrome browser and search on google for Chrome Remote Desktop Extension or Addon.
  • Next click on the button “Add to Chrome” visible on the top right side.imessage on pc
  • Next, it will process the installation, once you completed then click on the “Launch” button.
  • After that, you need to jump into your iMac or Mac device and need to add Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on your Mac OS.
  • Next step is no need to worry just follow the on-screen instructions and agree to get “install”.
  • After installing now launch the “Chrome Remote Desktop Extension” on your iMac or Mac OS device.
  • Now you will get a 12 digit code number not it down.
  • Next, enter that code on your Windows PC Chrome.
  • That’s it from next step onwards you can enjoy using the iMessage on Windows PC.

I think the above listed method is very hard and irritative to follow. Nothing to worry about that we have another simple method to get and use iMessage PC Windows.

# Method: 2 – Get iMessage on PC By Using iPadian Emulator

Coming to this method we are using the iPadian emulator. You may get a doubt what is iPadian Emulator. It is nothing but an emulator to run iMessage on PC Windows & laptop. Similar to iPadian we have many emulators but best and fastest emulators is iPadian.imessage on pc

Steps to Install iMessage on PC By iPadian Emulator

  • First thing is that you have to need an iPadian emulator on your PC Windows. If not nothing to bother about that get it from
  • Once you completed the downloading and installation process.
  • Next, run and get the sign in with your Apple ID. If you don’t have ID then create it.imessage on pc
  • Now you may found the user interface iPadian screen.
  • After that find for iMessage on iPadian and install, launch it and get started using the iMessage on PC computer on Windows & laptop.

Hope you enjoyed by this methods and got an idea to get iMessage app on PC Windows. If you face any errors or problems do comments. We will surely get back you.

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